Cultivating CommunityGENEROSITY
Investing in StudentGROWTH
Building for FutureGENERATIONS

Generosity Across Generations

Our local students are the future of our community – tomorrow’s community leaders, caregivers, business owners, skilled tradespeople, educators, technicians and more. Investing in Cambridge-Isanti students today lays the building blocks for a stronger local community tomorrow.

The Bluejacket Education Foundation was created for this important purpose – to invest in students served by the Cambridge-Isanti Independent School District, financially supporting educational and enrichment opportunities through annual financial grants funded by the generosity of our community.

Our Mission

The mission of the Bluejacket Education Foundation is to increase educational opportunities for Cambridge-Isanti students through ongoing grants from a continuously growing endowment.

Through the generosity of our community and in partnership with the Initiative Foundation, we are building a permanent endowment fund that will benefit our students and community for generations to come. The endowment is thoughtfully invested to generate returns (dollars) that can then be invested in opportunities for Cambridge-Isanti students through financial grants. Through these investments, we are building an enduring legacy for our students and our entire community.

Students First

We believe there is no greater return on investment than supporting the education and achievement of our community’s children.

Community Investment

The stronger our schools, the stronger our community – we have a shared mission to invest in the success of future generations.

Compounded Growth

We are committed to growing our endowment through both prudent investing and continually cultivating new donors and donations.

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